Founded in 1993, Salinera de Cardona SLU is engaged in the extraction of rock salt from the mine Les Salines, on the axis of the Cardona anticline (Bages), the point in the municipality where the highest concentration of mineral is to be found.

There is documentation on the extraction of rock salt from the Cardona “Salt Warehouse” since Roman times, and there are vestiges of open-cast mining going back over 6000 years. Modern mining dates back to the early twentieth century with the first interior gallery from the Shaft of the Duke (1902) and, subsequently, the extraction of potassium salts (1912-1990).

At Salinera de Cardona SLU, our mission is to maintain the mining tradition of the town of Cardona and always to ensure that our activity is appropriate to the demands of the environment. Indeed, the Les Salines mine is located in an area classified as PEIN (Plan for Areas of Natural Interest), which we respect and assist in consolidating.

For these reasons, Salinera de Cardona SLU works closely with the town of Cardona, with its institutions and neighbouring businesses to reclaim the despoiled natural environment of the Cardona “Salt Warehouse” and, at the same time, helping to boost the local economy.

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