Salinera de Cardona markets and distributes salt for feed manufacture in grain-size fractions T-1 (0-1.6 mm) and T-2 (1.6 to 3.5 mm).

Product with GMP+FSA certification.

Our salt is highly appreciated in the market for its purity and very low humidity, allowing for storage in silos and dosing with automatic systems used by feed mills.

The natural rock salt stones as well as the mineral blocks of salt pressed with other minerals, more than meet European regulations on raw materials for feed production.

We can supply this product in bulk, “big bag” or 25 kg sacks, according to customer needs. We can either supply the product to destination (customer premises) or at source (our Cardona plant).

Salinera de Cardona deals in salt for animal feed in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.



Salinera de Cardona deals in salt for de-icing roads in grain-size fractions T-C and T-S.

The T-C fraction is dry salt (0-6 mm) from the Cardona mine, and is mainly used for various roadside silos.

The T-S fraction is semi-humid salt (0-6 mm), with a maximum of 2% moisture. This salt is mostly used when it is not required to be deposited in silos, which allows a lower cost than dry salt.

Both types can be sold in various formats according to customer requirements (bulk, big bag and palletized 25 Kg sacks), supplied at source or destination.



Fractions T-1 and T-2 are also used in industrial processes such as leather tanning or aluminium smelting.

In parallel, we produce the 6-12 mm T-3 grain-size fraction, which is used mainly in the petrochemical industry.

Salinera de Cardona produces, markets and distributes rock salt in various formats, depending on grain size and container used.

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