Salinera de Cardona extracts the rock salt directly from the interior of the Les Salines mine, and the mineral undergoes merely a physical process of grinding and grain size classification.

All the salt is sold without producing any rejected material that has to be piled into a salt slag heap. Our business, therefore, is fully sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Ours is a completely natural product, as it does not undergo any process of chemical concentration that alters the characteristics and properties of the salt, which was deposited in the ground 40 million years ago in what was once called the Cardona “Salt Warehouse”.

Salt from Les Salines has an average sodium chloride content of 97% and less than 0.02% moisture at the time of extraction.

Salinera de Cardona has registration number ESP-08500866 as manufacturer of raw materials for animal feed.

Our product for the animal feed market is GMP+FSA certified.

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